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#FREE99 is a campaign created to change the narrative of how individuals ask their sexual partner(s) about their HIV and STI status. Instead of asking, “Are you clean?” which can be offensive, Phil is encouraging the community to ask, “Are you #FREE99?” This question simply asks if one is free of HIV, free of STIs, and is on PrEP because it reduces an individual’s chances of acquiring HIV by over 99 percent. 


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He Ready/She Ready is a prevention curriculum to create a conversation where individuals self-reflect on their sexual behaviors that deems them as individuals vulnerable to HIV acquisition. This interactive yet very innovative presentation addresses the following subject matters: Self-Identity, HIV and the Epidemiological data supporting the community in which they play, work, and live, Healthy Relationships, PrEP/PEP, Condom Demonstrations, U = U, and Advocacy. This interactive programming is held in an accountable space where individuals can speak openly and freely without judgment, understand that they are relevant, and be given access to supportive services beyond this program. The expected outcomes are but are not limited to: Reduced STI rates, Increase condom usage, Increase routine HIV testing, Increase PrEP Usage, and Reduce new HIV acquisition.

I was completely blown away by Phil's approach when presenting. The first five minutes of his presentation will blow your socks off, and you will be on the edge of your seat. His mixed knowledge, authenticity, and personal stories make it easy for college students and teens to relate and listen. If you are looking for raw, uncut, professional, nonjudgmental, and from-the-heart talk about STIs/HIV then I recommend Phil. The approach that he uses really makes people rethink their decisions when it comes to unsafe sex practices. 

Lakisha Owens, Howard University Student Health Center 



the buzz

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The BUZZ is a prevention curriculum geared towards men of color. Because the barbershop is seen as a safe space for them, it is an opportunity to have honest and candid conversations regarding their sexual health and bring awareness to the prevalence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections amongst their population.


"When the idea of ‘The Buzz’ was pitched to me by Philip Sain, I wasn’t sure if my patrons were ready for an open dialogue concerning their sexual health and HIV. I was pleasantly surprised when we held our first Buzz. Not only did our patrons get involved, but my barbers also led them in conversations. Phil was very open and honest about his life experiences and in turn, allowed others to speak freely. 

‘The Buzz’ was very successful and is now a staple of how we conduct business. I would like to thank Phil for considering N’Style Grooming for an amazing opportunity to share his knowledge of HIV and sexual and mental health with our patrons. It’s a great marriage between shop talk and sexual health. Who knew?"


- Nate Crittenden, Co-Owner, N'Style Hair Grooming



Since 2018, 2,500 individuals have been reached between the two curriculums; 1,700 tested for HIV and 45 placed on PrEP.

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